Skull Mold for Resin

Skull resin molds are a popular choice for those looking to create their own skull-shaped decorations. Whether you’re looking to make a Halloween decoration, a unique piece of jewelry, or even a paperweight, a skull resin mold can be a great starting point.

The first step to making a skull resin mold is to gather your materials. You’ll need a mold release agent, such as petroleum jelly or cooking spray, a two-part silicone mold-making compound, and a skull to use as a model. You can use a real skull or a plastic one, depending on your preference.

Once you have your materials, the next step is to prepare the skull for molding. Apply the mold release agent to the skull to ensure it will release easily from the mold. Mix the silicone mold-making compound according to the manufacturer’s instructions and pour it over the skull. Allow the mold to cure for the recommended amount of time.

Once the mold is cured, you can remove the skull and begin casting your resin skulls. Mix your resin according to the manufacturer’s instructions, and pour it into the mold. Allow the resin to cure for the recommended amount of time, then remove the finished skull from the mold.